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Vivint Home Security Services Home BannerStarting as APX Alarm Security in 1997, Vivint today has become one of the market leaders in providing home security and automation solutions. has its headquarter in Utah, and in 1998 the company joined hands with Goldman Sachs, one of the largest banks in the world then and now as well. In 2012, Vivint was acquired by Blackstone Group. Today, is known as the luxury brand of home security.

The unique selling proposition of Vivint products is smart security. The security systems are unrivaled as they are completely wireless and the design is pretty aesthetic as well. They’ll surely catch your attention for their beauty. All the security and home automation systems are installed by skilled professionals. The technology used in remote control door locks, next gen doorbell camera, 2 way voice communication is pretty much unparalleled.

Adding new products is a sign of the growth of a company. Vivint has expanded its horizons and now they also deal in internet services and solar energy. You can also buy specific equipment rather than a complete home automation system. Vivint is the only company that offers such flexibility to its consumers.

Budget is not going to be a problem because Vivint offers home automation and security systems in the low, medium and high price range. They can also customize a security system to meet your specific needs. However, you should refrain from installing these systems on your own and leave it to the trained Vivint professionals. You can always call Vivint in case you are facing any problem with the system installed. They will be happy to help you.



Vivint Customer Service NumberNo doubt that the products offered by Vivint are the best in class but the department in which Vivint really lags behind is customer support services. You cannot trust Vivint in emergency situations and when you ask them questions regarding your home automation or security system, they take more than a while to answer your queries. But the good part is that they are open to feedback and try to implement the suggestions of their customers in every possible way. All in all, you can say that the customer support department of Vivint is sleazy and needs improvement.

Vivint customer service is definitely the weak point. They have a terrible reputation when it comes to their sales tactics. They use a lot of door to door salesmen who have a reputation for being very pushy. The installation process usually goes smoothly but it is very likely that you may face some difficulties. You may not face these difficulties with some of their competitors. However, Vivint customer service number is better than your sales experience.

However, Vivint customer service has improved over the last couple of years. You can call them if you have any issues regarding your security or home automation system. You can call them on Vivint phone number at 1-800-637-6126 or you can chat with them on the website.

How a user can contact Vivint customer service phone number?

Vivint Customer Support

Vivint customer service department plays an integral role in making the customer’s experience exceptional. Vivint support is available for the customers 24*7, 365 days a year. A user can contact their customer services via following ways:

  • Through Vivint phone number
  • Through Vivint live chat
  • Through Vivint Email support
  • Through Vivint helpdesk

When/why should you call Vivint customer services Number?

Contacting Vivint customer service phone number will give users helpful advice to deal with the problems or issues, they face with the equipment. In addition, users can know about billing, app or any other account center questions and account issues, with the help of customer service number.

You can contact Vivint’s customer service when you require:

  • Information on where to buy the products.
  • Information on how to complaint about an issue in a product.
  • Technical support for any technical glitches with the product.
  • Repairs assistance in case, the product is not responding.
  • Assistance on how to return a particular product.

Contact the Vivint customer service number, i.e. 1-800-637-6126 and tell the issue regarding returns, repairs or any other thing to the customer care representative and sit back relax.

Benefits of calling Vivint customer service number

Vivint Customer Service Phone Number
When you call at the Vivint home security phone number, you will gain the benefits like:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy to connect with the customer care executive
  • Fastest way to get solution to the issues
  • Professional tips in lieu of a single call




Vivint Customer service working hours

Vivint customer service working hours are:

Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. -1:00 a.m. ET

Saturday-7: 30 a.m. – Midnight ET

Vivint home security systems are quite popular worldwide. Its smart home solutions had a worldwide reach. Customers can contact the customer service phone number to solve their issue with any product or for any further assistance, related to company’s products and services.



Vivint launched its home automation services in June Vivint Servicesof 2014. Vivint introduced the Vivint SkyControl panel for which they received CE PRO Best award for new electronic products launched in 2014. The doorbell camera launched in 2015 was revolutionary because it could do so much more than the traditional doorbell camera in half of the form factor. It allows for you to speak with visitors on your door without any internet connectivity.

Partnership with Amazon proved to be vital for Vivint as Alexa can be used to control Vivint home automation systems. Partnership with Nest camera systems allowed Vivint to further develop their camera systems. Element by Vivint is their thermostat which can be used to heat up and cool down the home environment.

Collaborations with Airbnb, Google Home, and Philips Hue Smart Lighting opened up new avenues for Vivint. 2011 marked as the beginning of Vivint’s solar electricity business. Anyone who wants to install solar panels can contact Vivint. IPO of Vivint made its debut on the New York Stock exchange by the name VSLR.


Vivint Smart Home Security System 2The Vivint security system is really where they start to shine. This the primary reason for them being number one in the market. They design their own stuff and they do it really well, for instance, when you go out to buy a video doorbell, they usually have a very bulky profile that sometimes doesn’t even fit on your door frame. On the other hand, Vivint designs video doorbells that are very slim and sleek and in fact, all their equipment is this way.

Besides the security stuff, they also have a lot of home automation equipment that is all fantastic and it’s all Z-wave compatible. This basically means that if you already have a piece or two of security equipment that is Z-wave enabled, you can combine them with the Vivint system.

Vivint also integrates with Amazon Alexa, so if you use Alexa at home, you can use that to control your Vivint system.  Vivint combines the latest and greatest technologies to further update their smart home technology. Vivint equipment really overshadows some of the weak points.



You may often wonder how a smart home security Vivint Home Security Cameracamera makes life easier. Using the Vivint home security camera, you can see what is going on inside of your house during the day as well as in the night and that too in total HD. But what is really cool about it is the two way talk functionality. So not only can you peek in a room and see for example what the kids are doing in there but also you can talk to them and they can talk back to you which may sometimes come in pretty handy.

What’s neat about this particular camera is that it actually has a one touch call out button which basically means that anybody can walk up to it and hit the button and if you have the mobile app and you happen to be outside the house, it will ping you and say that the camera is reaching out to you. You can swipe open on your app and instantly you will be in the middle of a two way conversation.

This home security camera can come in very handy if you have kids that don’t quite have a cell phone yet, it is an easy way for them to call out to you.



Vivint PriceWhen talking about home security, this is a big commitment. Usually, there are long term contracts and refrain from buying any security system from a door to door salesman. Make sure you do your own research and then if you decide that Vivint is the right one for your home security, give them a call directly instead of using that door to door salesman.

They seem to be improve the flexpay that allows you to buy their equipment upfront which basically shows that they are thinking more about the customers. You may pay a lot with Vivint but you are getting a lot as well.

The price of Vivint packages is on the higher side. Vivint usually locks you in for a period of 60 months. Since February of 2017, Vivint has lifted the monitoring contract for its customers and also allows you to pay monthly fees.

There are basically two packages, Vivint smart home, and Vivint smart home video. Both of these packages require an active cellular connection and the equipment needs to be installed by professionals. Both packs are installed for an installation fee of $49.99 and come with a 120 day warranty. However, the monitoring fee for Vivint smart home package is $39.99 whereas the monitoring fee for Vivint smart home video is $49.99.

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