Vivint Outdoor Camera

Vivint Outdoor Camera OverviewHome security is of utmost importance. It is the best way to protect and secure your home from mishappenings. And adding an outdoor surveillance camera can be a practical and economical way to do it. However, there are many options for consumers to sift through as every home has the same outdoor surveillance needs.

Caring for home safety and security of the outside is as important as taking care of the inside. So why not try the Vivint products. This company is a great choice for a homeowner. Vivint is a highly intuitive, state-of-the-art home automation system that gives homeowners the power to have a control over their home. It can be operated from any device with internet connectivity, whether you are at your office or on a vacation. Their systems are wall-mounted and have up to 7-inch capacitive touch Control panel.

With Vivint smart home security system, you can remotely turn lamps on or off, adjust the thermostat, lock or unlock doors, and even watch live video of your home. One significant feature that separates Vivint from other home automation systems is that it is designed to study your habits and adapt to them. So by chance, if you forget to turn off the lights, this device will do it for you.

When we talk about Vivint Outdoor Camera, it can be the best option for you. It can help you to keep an eye on the exterior of your home from anywhere. Either day or night, it always works as a home’s security guard.

To know more about the product, let’s talk about Vivint Outdoor Camera’s features:

  • Low-profile and sturdy builtVivint Outdoor Camera Motion Detector
    It makes it less noticeable and less vulnerable to damage.
  • HD+ Wide angle
    A wide-angle lens with HD resolution that is capable of capturing all the actions.
  • True Night Vision
    Infrared LED night vision for 24/7 protection and security.
  • Motion detection
    Movement within the camera’s field of vision triggers auto-recording.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Cameras automatically transfer surveillance clips to Vivint Smart Drive.
  • Vivint Smart Clips
    Motion detection triggers recording of 20-second clips.
  • Vivint Smart Home app
    Monitor your home’s exterior and view camera footage remotely.

Vivint outdoor camera Specifications:

This product is known for its amazing Specifications. You can get an idea about it with the below-mentioned data:

  • COLOR: Dark grey (bracket not included)
  • SIZE: 2.48″ h x 4.39″ d
  • WEIGHT: 7.0 oz (including bracket and cables)
  • CAMERA LENS: 1/2.9”, 2.19-megapixel sensor
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 112° diagonal
  • NIGHT VISION: 39.4 feet
  • REQUIRED PANEL FIRMWARE: Version 3.7 or greater (HD400W) Version 2.3 or greater (HD300W)
  • A Vivint Device user gets a free replacement for defective hardware. It is for the product defect only.
  • It is a tough product so the user doesn’t have to worry about the product failure.
  • This product is determined by a Smart Home Pro.
  • Note: It may require a separate site visit fee.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Specifications

Vivint Outdoor Camera Reviews Before Your Buy:

Vivint Outdoor Camera Installation

  1. We were not at home and we realized that someone has tried to open our main door. When we checked the Vivint’s captured footage, it helped us to get to know about the whole story. Even the footage was so clear that it captured the face of the thief. We gave that footage to the police. This device was a great investment and paid for itself within a month.
  2. We had installed a Vivint outdoor camera for the sense of security. I have noticed that it helped me a lot by providing me minute to minute live video.
  3. It’s a great product to buy. You can rely on its installation service.



Vivint Outdoor Camera Cost and Sales:

Cost- $132.00-$170

Vivint Outdoor Camera sales are dependent on the company.

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