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Buy Vivint Ping Camera – Best HD Surveillance:

Vivint Ping Camera ReviewsThe Vivint Ping Camera is a surveillance HD security system to your door that captures and records video instantly it detects any motion. Also, it provides an exclusive outgoing call feature that allows you to conduct a video call directly to android device from the camera itself.

Excellent day and night video recording

The Vivint Ping is the first camera that permits you to manually press a button on the Vivint Ping itself to start a video call to a tablet or phone. The 1080p Vivint Ping also offers brilliant day and night video, helps event-triggered recording, and communicates with other smart home security. It’s a tremendous choice with one key catch: It can be utilized as a share of the Vivint Smart Home device.


Feature and Design

  • Vivint Ping Camera Feature and DesignVivint Ping camera is designed in cylinder-shaped has a white varnish, 3.2 inches in diameter, and stands 5.2 inches tall. It sits above a curved base with changeable tilt.
  • The 4-megapixel sensor offers the 155-degree field of view with 1080p video quality and uses three electromagnetic LEDs for night visualization.
  • Embedded in the attachment of a speaker, a motion sensor, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi circuitry, and a microphone.
  • An LED ring is white on the bottom portion when the camera is related, pulses blue when a call is being conducted and it flashes to red and green during setup.
  • The top button is used for connecting the Vivint camera to the network throughout Wireless Protected Setup and for commencing communication with any android device app installed. However, you should have Administrator privileges to the Vivint Smart Home device to receive calls.


Check Function of Vivint Ping Camera before you Buy:

Vivint Smart Home Ping CameraThe Vivint Ping Camera has an exceptional callout function with an outstanding performance which makes an accumulation to the Vivint Smart Home security system. It delivers crystal clear HD video with attractive colours. Motion detection quite impressive with immediate notifications. The callout functionality works wonderfully and is clear and responsive.

The Vivint Ping utilizes the smartphone application as other Vivint Smart Home system. You can use the camera through the touch-screen panel that emerges with the system using the web console. With the Android application, you can record video, view live. Also, you can answer a call, adjust settings, receive push notifications, and create rules.


Specification-one step solution to your home security

  • When pressing the button, a chime sounds and the LED ring begins flashing blue as the Vivint camera sends a notification to the Android device.
  • Pressing the notification led by a live feed where you can access the microphone icon to activate a video call with the person at your doorstep.
  • Vivint Ping camera send an alert when any movement is identified and when a video is recorded, allowing Privacy mode, and a HD video for the premium image quality.
  • A microphone icon beneath the live feed allows you to start two-way audio communication with the camera. You can also take a snapshot, Disarm screen, and system’s Arm.
  • Clips button proceeds you to the Activity page from where you can see all recorded video.

Vivint Ping Camera Specification

Buy Vivint Ping Camera: Best Performance & Fast Installation

The Vivint Ping is usually installed professionally when you command it with the Vivint system, however, you can manually install easily by following the instructions available online on the Vivint support system. Plug in the Ping camera, wait for few minutes for the LED ring to flash green and red, on the control panel, and go to the Settings menu. The light turned green, representing the camera was prepared to connect.


Buy Vivint Ping Camera & Be tension free

Vivint Ping CameraThe Ping detects each and every movement of who is coming and going with premium 1080p video quality. Daytime colour is saturated and rich, and image detail is brilliant. Black-and-white night surveillance video is also highly detailed, with balanced lighting and good contrast. Wi-Fi allowed smart home product, which displays its video analytics to alert the homeowners to visitor’s oncoming with amended notifications to an android device.

Good as the live stream.

The Vivint Ping’s calling feature functions smoothly. You immediately receive a notification in few seconds of pressing the call ring, and both audio and video is crisp, with no conspicuous pause. The motion sensor functions as advertised, sending an alert notification and introducing a recording without fail.


Completely Cost-Effective: Buy Now

The Vivint Ping Camera is completely cost-effective, completely reliable and highly recommended in the range of security system. Moreover, the price that is paid really serves your need due to its outstanding functionality and management process. Most homeowners rather avoids security camera to escape from extra financial expenses.

Vivint Ping Camera Manual


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