Vivint Ping Camera Manual Instructions

Vivint Ping Camera User Manual & InstructionsVivint Ping Indoor and Outdoor Camera is one of those essential devices that will let you review your house with the help of a single touch. This camera comes with a two-way talk feature which helps you to connect directly with your family through your phone. You can also check on your kid’s caretaker, that how is she taking care of your kids and home. Even your kids can contact you whenever they need you.

Using the Vivint Smart Home Cloud, Ping will send you the mobile notifications about everything going in your home. You can customize the important notifications.

This good-quality camera captures great images which can help you to see everything around the camera, either its day or night. Its high-definition video catches detail about everything and its wide-angle lens opens up to every corner of the place.


  • Two-way talk feature: Talk to everyone at your home while at work or on a vacation.
  • One-touch Callout feature: Anyone at your home can contact you by using the push button present on it.
  • Night vision feature: This camera will capture the clear picture in the night.
  • Customized notifications: You can get all the notifications regarding all the happenings around the camera. Choose the important stuff out of all and ignore other.
  • 24×7 playback feature: Save 30 days of continuous camera footage and view it anytime.
  • HD+ Wide angle feature: This camera comes with a Wide-angle lens plus HD resolution to capture everything in good

Vivint Ping Camera Manual:

Vivint has the Smart Home professions who are certified. The professions will schedule the best time as per your convenience and set-up the Ping Camera system.

There are some instructions that will assist you better to keep you away from the extra cost DIY errors by designing your perfect home system and ensure that your home is safe from unwanted people and activities:

  • Setting Up the Hardware:

1. Ping should be placed 200 ft. above the panel.

  • Points to keep in mind:

I. Want to place on a shelf? It is very important to snap in the magnetic base with rubber pads on the outside of the camera.

II. Want to get in mount on the wall? Use included screws or drywall plugs to mount the magnetic base place to a good place. Attach the camera to it.

3. Plug in the camera and wait for few minutes so that it gets boot up. This has to be done before adding it to the panel.

  • Attach Ping to the Panel: 

  1. On the Panel home screen, you will find a setting icon. Click on it.

Note: This three dots icon is present on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    1. There you will see a few options, click on ‘Devices’.Vivint Ping Camera Manual Instructions Tap Device


    1. You will see ‘Please Enter your PIN’ option. Write down your 4-Digit PIN.
      Vivint Ping Camera Manual Instructions Enter 4 Digit PIN
    2. It will get back to your previous page. Click on ‘Add new device’ option.
      Vivint Ping Camera Manual Instructions Add New Device
    3. Click on the ‘Ping camera’ icon. This panel will indicate that it is listening for the device.
      Tap Ping Camera icon
    4. You will notice a button present on the top of your Vivint Ping Camera. Hold down it for five to six seconds. You will see the Light on the Ping will change to green.


  1. After the whole connection process, the green light will change to white. It may take a few minutes to complete.
  2. You will see that Panel will show that it is connected with the Ping. After that, you just have to tap on ‘Location’ and install Ping to the desired location.
  3. Take out the plastic film present on the camera lens and set it where ever you like.


  • Finalize Ping settings and live feed

  1. Using the Panel, you can adjust the Ping Camera as per your willingness. You can customize the settings and view the live feed.
  2. After the camera is installed, you can access it any time using the camera icon present on the home screen. To operate it, you can use the panel or mobile app.
  3. It is very easy to move the Ping to any outlet location in your home. Just remember, it should be done within 200ft of your panel.

Basic Ping Camera instruction

  1. Maintain the Privacy: With the help of Privacy mode, you can temporarily disable your camera’s remote viewing and recording capabilities. This mode is recognized with a blue screen on Vivint mobile app.
  2. To see the Camera icon on your device: If you are unable to see your camera icon, simply go to the camera section on your online account center. If there is no Camera list, directly contact our customer care team. If you can see your camera is listed there but not on Vivint mobile app, simply log out your account and back log-in to it. It should show up.
  3. To Install a new camera or move the old one: The Vivint Smart Home Professional will install and position your Vivint Ping camera, but after the installation, you can move your Ping cameras wherever you want. It is very simple to operate.
  4. Facing problem in recording schedule: Check whether your camera is on or not. If the light is green then definitely it is working. And still, if you are facing the problem, check whether your schedules are turned on in the Recording Schedules section for the device.

These instructions and Manual will tell you basics about the Vivint Ping Indoor and Outdoor camera.

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