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Amazon Echo Vivint GlanceDo you remember the days when Amazon was just a bookstore? Now, the company has grown itself and has branched out into creating some devices like Voice-activated digital assistants in the form of smart speakers. These speakers are capable of switching off the lights or read newspapers for you. Just say the word “Alexa” and get answers to all your questions.

There are many Amazon devices which provide the same Alexa Voice assistant to how will you get to know that which device is the best? The Amazon Echo Dot has always been the smartest speaker. It is designed to give a cheap and easy access to Alexa. This device is not about the sound quality, but it is about making Alexa’s voice audible and playing music at an audible volume level. The best utility of this device is its sound source for a bigger speaker system. But the latest version of Echo Dot has changed everything. It is bigger and powerful than before.

If we operate Amazon Echo Dot and Vivint together, they can do magic. There are two types of skills that we can use via Alexa App. These are:

  • “ask Vivint”: This command is used so that Alexa knows that she Amazon echo Vivint home security kitchenhas to operate Vivint app.
  • “Alexa”: You can simply say Alexa and it will start working for you.

If you want to operate Vivint using Alexa, then just say “Alexa, ask Vivint to…” and Alexa will do your work using the Vivint App. For example, just say “Alexa, ask Vivint to close the front door”. It will follow your command and close the main gate.

These Basic skills of Alexa can control the temperature of the room, light, locks, and Vivint camera. While the Complete skills can control the full system. Both of the skills can help you to get the best experiences.

Specification of Amazon Echo Dot:

Color: Black and White

Size: 3.3×1.3

Weight: 163g

Power Usage: Wall adapter

Wireless inputs: Bluetooth and WiFi

Bluetooth profile: A2DP and AVRCP

Wired Connectivity: None

Included in the box: Echo Dot, power adapter, USB charging cable, and Quick Start Guide.

Warranty: The Amazon Dot comes with a 90-day limited warranty and service. Optional one-year, two-year, and three-year extended warranties are available as a separate purchase.

Specification of Amazon Echo Dot

Here are a few things that you should know about Amazon Echo Dot:

  • It can recognize your voice above all the background noise.

Amazon Echo Dot gives you a control over your home by using your voice. It can you’re your commands even if you are listening to music or in the other room. It comes with a far-field voice recognition system and seven-piece microphone range which helps the device to recognize your voice in any kind of disturbance.

  • It gives a rapid response.

New Amazon Echo DotNobody wants to waste their time and Echo Dot understands that. It comes with the quick reflexes which ensure you to get a speedy response. And for talking with the device it’s not necessary to leave the room or go near the device. It responds quickly to your voice commands. And the best part is that Echo understands the importance of your time.

  1. It makes the multitasking easy.

Using Vivint Smart Home System, Amazon Echo Dot provides you with a chance to control every aspect of your home system. You can operate everything using your voice.

  • It has the best Audio quality.

With Echo Dot, you can get the best sound quality. With the help of 360-degree omnidirectional audio hardware, you can play any song, hear an audiobook or answer your questions with balance and clarity.

  • It provides you with the Efficient and Skillful installation.

Vivint.SmartHome Cloud with their expertly skilled, licensed, and accredit installation squad will link your Echo Dot device to every Vivint Home System at your home. We deal with the mechanical stuff as well.

Amazon Echo Dot Vivint Voice Control Setup is similar to the Amazon Echo Setup. This simple setup is by using the Alexa App. Follow the following steps to set up your Amazon Echo Dot with your Vivint Devices:

Connect Amazon Echo with Vivint

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa app. Your Echo device must be fully set up with your Alexa app before you can connect to Vivint Smart Home.
  2. Open the menu and tap Skills.
  3. Search for the Vivint Smart Home skill. There are two skills available. We recommend that you enable both if you have thermostats and lights connected to your Vivint Smart Home. The Complete skill controls the full system with the command “Alexa, ask Vivint…”
  4. The Basic skill controls lights and thermostats without having to say “Alexa, ask Vivint…”
  5. Enter your Vivint username and password and tap Sign in to link your Vivint Smart Home account to your Amazon account.
  6. Your Amazon Alexa app is now connected to your Vivint Smart Home system. Here is a list of commands that you can use to control your smart home from your Echo Dot device:
  • Turn on the lights.
  • Lock the bedroom door.
  • Arm my security system “stay” and “away”.
  • Set my heater temperature to 27 degrees C.
  • Set my AC temperature to 18 degrees C.
  • Open the garage door.
  • Dim the light of the house.
  • Play a video on my phone/TV.

Integrate vivint smart home with Amazon Echo For Voice Control

To conclude, we hope this information helped you to know everything about Amazon Echo Dot and Vivint Home security system. These both can work together in a magnificent way.


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