Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector SystemCarbon monoxide detector is essential for every home because it instantly detects the presence of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Carbon monoxide detector is usually known as a Co2 detector.

Basically, carbon monoxide detector is installed with an alarm or siren in order to prevent the home from deadly carbon monoxide air. It is a small device which is place at an appropriate placed and synced with a home security system for its better functioning.

If you are looking for the best portable carbon monoxide detector, then you might be overwhelmed to know that VIVINT is offering Carbon Monoxide Detector at competitive prices.

There are some unparalleled features provided by our professionals to protect your home from harmful gases, furnace or water heater which spread deadly and toxic air. Some of the surprising features of the Vivint CO2 detector offered by our brand are mentioned below:

  • Accurate and fast Vivint CO detector with electrochemical sensor
  • Vivint Co2 detector Send alerts for low-battery
  • Vivint Co2 detectors are definitely tamper proof
  • Instant beeping after transmitting a signal to SkyControl panel
  • Easily monitor the CO level within a radius of 35 foot
  • Vivint CO detectors can be installed quickly with the benefit of repositioning
  • For regular monitoring, Vivint Co2 detector can be integrated with home security system



Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm SystemAs we all know, carbon monoxide gas is vulnerable to health and it can lead to many side effects on the human body. Therefore, Vivint carbon monoxide detector placement should be done near the bedroom.

Ideally, it should be placed all over the home to prevent any unfortunate happening from toxic and deadly gases. However, if there’s only one CO detector, then place it near the bedroom or close to the sleeping area. Make sure that the Vivint.SmartHome CO detector should be installed properly by the professional and at an appropriate location.

If there’s any dangerous gas in the air, then our Vivint CO detectors will automatically crank up the furnace fan to ventilate the room and clearing up the deadly gas from the room.

Not to mention it, our portable and reliable Vivint carbon monoxide detector can automatically disarm window sensors and unlock doors to clear up the harmful and dangerous gases from the home.

To stay away from the solid fired-fuel appliances which produce harmful gases like carbon monoxide, it becomes necessary to install a Vivint carbon monoxide detector or CO alarm to ensure safety. There’s an electrochemical sensor feature as well through which it become easy for accurate CO detection.



Vivint carbon monoxide detectorVivint Carbon monoxide detectors are essential for home security because the sensor can easily detect the malfunctioning of the gas leak, water heater, furnace, or gas oven.

The Vivint CO detectors use electrochemical sensors through which it becomes easy to detect the CO gas. The carbon monoxide detector after sensing the CO gas in the air, transmit the signal to the SkyControl panel through which you can receive an instant alert message regarding the matter.

This portable carbon monoxide detector will beep for at least 30 seconds. And, it will beep for at least 3 times to provide the life-saving protection. Once, you have installed the Vivint CO detector, and then get rid of all the worries about your home security.

Whether you are at home or at a faraway place, you will instantly receive alert or message regarding the detection. And, most importantly, Vivint service providers will definitely arrive at your place to make sure that everything’s safe.

Moreover, customer support services provided by Vivint professionals are easily available for 24×7. If you ever need to evacuate your family from the toxic carbon monoxide gas, then our Smart Home monitoring specialists will definitely contact the emergency responders to secure home and lives.


To conclude, Vivint carbon monoxide detector is an advantageous device to secure your home from the harmful and toxic gases like CO. This detector monitors the CO level of your home and instantly gives an alert if there’s any detection of smoke or heat level. If you are searching for the best company which offers innovative and advanced Co2 detector along with synced home security system, then Vivint.SmartHome is the perfect choice for you!

To contact our service provider, simply dial our Vivint phone number 1800-637-6126 and book an instant appointment with us. Our professionals will install the Vivint CO detector at an appropriate location without any hassle. Therefore, give us a chance and won’t be disappointed.

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