vivint panic pendantA medical alert system with speaker pendant is an innovative and unique device directly connected to a speaker which provides urgent medical assistance to those who are in need.

This panic alert pendant is specifically beneficial for the individuals with chronic health conditions and for the elderly people to transmit signal in the case of emergency.

Vivint.SmartHome offers lightweight and small pendant with a speaker which can be easily placed in a shirt pocket or tossed inside a bag. With a single push of a button, Vivint’s central monitoring station will assess the medical emergency and send an emergency help at the particular location. The user can transmit emergency signal anywhere, but it should be within the location of 350 foot. Moreover, whether the pendant is armed or disarmed, signals can be transmitted without any worries.

Within three steps the user can use this innovative yet advantageous device in case of emergency.

  1. Simply push the button
  2. Then, speak to the medical operator instantly
  3. And, immediate help will be sent at your doorstep.

Now, let’s just look at the amazing features and price of the medical alert system with a speaker in the pendant.

VIVINT MEDICAL PENDANT FEATURESvivint panic pendant features & benefits

  • It’s a wireless, compact and lightweight (1.65×1.20×0.5) device which can be worn easily anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it is absolutely comfortable to wear this pendant style medical alert device.
  • A medical alert system with a speaker in pendant provides immediate response for fall detection. This panic pendant should have fall detection technology to detect the actual fall.
  • This panic pendant is built with a speaker in it. So, that the two way communication can be easily done in case of the emergency.
  • This unique medical alert pendant is certainly built-in with the waterproof technology to protect the device. Most of the manufacturers aren’t providing the water resistant feature in medical alert pendant or necklace, but our company is definitely offering this feature. Furthermore, this panic pendant is temperature resistant as well.


VIVINT MEDICAL PENDANT PRICEVivint medical alert Pendant

At Vivint.SmartHome, you will get two flexible options for the payment either on a contractual basis or without binding into any legal agreement.

If you are choosing contract or agreement to pay the amount, then our company is offering 42-60 month contract. You can easily pay for the device on monthly installments. Make sure the payment is done on time and no dues should be left, to avoid any can cancellation fees.

If you don’t want any contract for the equipment that you have bought, then you can choose to pay on monthly basis for your security and medical monitoring. Furthermore, there are no early cancellation fees charged in such cases.

Basically, we offer two monitoring plans to our customers. One is Smart Home plan at $399.99 per month for 24×7 continuous monitoring and instant notifications and alert on the mobile app. Another one is Smart Home video plan at $49.99 per month in which you can get top-security monitoring along with the integration of full home automation services.



Medical alert pendant with a speaker is designed in a way which is simple to use. Follow the below mentioned steps to use the pendant device appropriately:

  1. To trigger the pendant, press the panic button for at least two to three seconds. After the pendant gets activated, the light will blink on the top of the pendant which indicates that a signal has been transmitted.
  2. Make sure the device should be within the range of the control panel i.e. 300 feet.
  3. After the signal gets transmitted, the medical pendant alarm will give a signal to the panel.
  4. After the panel siren will give a sound, the Vivint monitoring team will be alerted and their team member will assess the situation. Afterwards, our team will send the appropriate help according to the problem or issue.

To conclude, this medical alert panic pendant is a life saviour. It is considered one of the most reliable and efficient medical alarm device in today’s date. With the advancement in technology, our brand is also evolving with time to provide the best home technology services at your doorstep.

If you’re looking for this unique device to protect the adults or elderly people from any unfortunate happening, then Vivint.SmartHome professionals are at your service. To contact them, dial Vivint phone number +1-800-637-6126 and book an appointment immediately to experience the best home security services.


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