Vivint Tilt SensorVivint.SmartHome is a prominent brand which provides a wide variety of home security and home automation systems to protect your home from intruders and burglars.

From indoor camera to garage control alarm systems, our top-notch company offers the best home security solutions at your doorstep. Thus, it’s easy to protect your home and garage door with Vivint.SmartHome.

Are you searching for an alarm system with tilt sensors to protect your garage? Well, you will be dazed with Vivint as they offer a tilt sensor alarm system to ensure that your garage door stays locked.

Be it at your residence or an afar place, if there’s any motion or intruder you’ll receive an alert message on your mobile. Now, let’s just find out more about Vivint tilt sensor alarm system for garage protection.



Basically, a tilt sensor is an instrument which is used in measuring the tilt of a reference plane in multiple axes. VIVINT tilt sensors are commonly referred to as “Inclinometers.” With the installation of tilt sensors in any home security system, it becomes easy to detect inclination or orientation. Vivint Tilt sensors can easily detect motion. And, that’s the reason; tilt sensors go perfectly with any home security system. Furthermore, Vivint tilt sensors are beneficial in monitoring whether the door is open or locked.



If you’re looking for an alarm system to protect your garage from theft and intruders, then Vivint alarm system is the right choice because it is installed with a tilt sensor which can easily detect any motion.



Tilt sensor alarm system by is advantageous in protecting your garage from potential intruders. Some of the main features of Vivint alarm system are mentioned below:

  • Wireless alarm system with a tilt sensor
  • Warning for low-battery
  • Guaranteed product with minimum four years of battery life
  • Instant alert when the sensor tilt at 45 degree
  • Easy and quick mobile access to protect the garage


Vivint Garage Door Tilt SensorVivint provide an alarm system with a tilt sensor to ensure that your garage is secured from thefts and burglars. One of the main benefits of installing Vivint alarm system is that, if there’s any motion or monitored item changes its position, then alarm triggers instantly.

Additionally, the homeowner will surely receive the text, if the garage door is accidentally open for more than 10 minutes. Moreover, if Vivint tilt sensor is removed for any reason or the battery voltage of the alarm system drop down, then the homeowner will receive an alert text on their mobile.

The professional from Vivint.SmartHome will install the alarm system with a tilt sensor at an appropriate location near garage door. After the installation of alarm system, you can get rid of all the worries regarding garage. Apart from that, our Vivint also offers excellent customer support services, if you encounter with any issue regarding the Vivint Tilt sensor alarm system. So, with the support of Vivint professionals and advanced devices, it is easy to secure your home and garage.


Vivint Tilt Sensor Mobile AlertTo conclude, Vivint professionals and trained technicians will install the alarm with tilt motion sensor at an accurate location and angle for burglary detection. Vivint equipments and devices are made from cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of different customers. Moreover, Vivint’s service providers are trustworthy and ensure that the installed device works properly. Therefore, simply dial this number +1-800-637-6126 or fill the form on our website, to schedule an appointment with Vivint.SmartHome At an affordable price, you’ll get to experience the great services.

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