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Vivint Alarm Company established its security company in the year 1997. In the span of 21 years, the Vivint alarm system has grown into a leading provider of automation and security solutions. And the prime selling point of Vivint products is the smart home security system. The wireless home security system is designed to dispense sophisticated security in the area where it has been installed. Its aesthetic designs also add up to its advantage as customers get attracted to the unique features of the products.

The Vivint alarm system equipment ranges from artificial intelligent technology such as door lock controls, doorbell secured with advanced cameras, both ways voice communication, flood sensor product for enclosed protection purpose.

Vivint Alarm System Installer Code

When you purchase a Vivint Alarm System, your package will have the security equipment, along with the installation, the monitoring plans of the equipment, and the year contract for the users. You will also receive the Vivint alarm installer code when you place the order for your security devices. The company also gives you the option to buy all your equipment in a set or you can opt to customize all your home security equipment according to how you want it.

How to Set and Use Alarm?

The system can either be armed or disarmed through the Vivint’s SkyControl panel. This panel lets you modify the codes so that you can insert distinctive codes and the access to the live video feeds. For your convenience, the alarm system is connected with a mobile application of Sky App. The application is featured to control the SkyControl from your Smart Phones and similar devices. 

Alarm Cost in the Market – Vivint

The basic Vivint alarm cost is priced at $599 that consists of the Vivint starter kit and the Vivint smart hub touch screen, a motion sensor, and 2 doors plus window sensors. If you order additional equipment, it will come up to $1,000 or even more but you do not have to pay it upfront as payment can be done through an installment basis. 

Vivint Alarm System Customer Service

After you have decided to buy your own Vivint alarm system, you will want to know about the products. The Vivint alarm customer service will be happy to indulge you with any information you want to know. Any complaint or queries can be taken about with the customer care, so you do not have secondary assistance all the way when you purchase from Vivint.

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