Vivint Home Security Reviews

Vivint ReviewsVivint has emerged as one of the most popular home security systems due to its unparalleled home automation technology and customer service. This Vivint review looks to focus on dissecting all the aspects of the concerned home automation system. Vivint is a network which provides amenities in terms of doorbell cameras, automatic garage door openers and thermostat detectors is undoubtedly a product of the future.

Individuals can avail the home automation system all around the world at affordable prices. The option of affordability has elevated the status of Vivint home security in the global market, making it a popular name in every household.

The Vivint smart home automation can be availed through two payment set-up. An individual can enter into a 5-year contract with the service providers where an additional fee of $99 USD is charged when the resident is on a temporary move. The primary focus of the Vivint security system is to establish a wireless home security system which prevents trespassers from accessing any property which in turn, brings about a sense of convenience in our day to day life.


Vivint Camera Review

  • Video cameras are present both indoors as well as outdoors which can be monitored through a mobile application.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera is also present with an additional feature of two-way voice transmitter.

Vivint Alarm Review

  • Vivint Home Security ReviewsAlarm monitoring by esteemed professionals can be availed when all the equipment of Vivint smart home is availed along with a monthly contract. Being contractually bound with the organization automatically means that the aggregate amount payable for the service is considerably lower.
  • The Vivint security system includes a Vivint Sky 2.0 operation panel which comes with a screen of approximately 7-inches. The touchscreen aspect of the control panel makes the system extremely user-friendly as the interface can be accessed and used by any individual. A single operation panel can monitor the entryway, and a motion detector can also be controlled along with an environmental indicator which includes facilities such as a smoke alarm.

Vivint Contract and Subscription Plans

There are three basic plans which can be availed by any individual at three different price points. They have been highlighted below:

  • The Smart Security Plan – The most basic package starting at a price range of $29.99 USD per month. As already mentioned above the lifespan of the contract will last for 42 to 60 months.
  • The Smart Home Plan – Can be availed at $39.99 USD per month and must be extended for 42 to 60 months.
  • Vivint Customer ReviewsThe Smart Home Video – This is the final packages which are on offer at a price of $49.99 USD per month and lasts for 5 financial years.

The present pricing module of Vivint makes it one of the most expensive home security automation system. Perhaps this is one of its drawbacks. However, the company tries to add the feature of affordability into the mix by incorporating the three different package plans which people can choose as per their budget.

The present generation value quality over quantity and this is precisely what Vivint smart home looks to achieve. It is a very efficient security system which will surely pay a dividend in the long run. The firm is constantly looking to upgrade its technology so that it can serve its present customers more effectively in the long run.


Final Verdict on the Vivint Home Security Review

If you want to live in a safe and peaceful environment, then relying on Vivint would be a wise thing to do. The security system with its state of the art methodology and technology ensures complete safety. To know the current customer perspective of the services as provided by Vivint Smart Home be sure to search Vivint Customer Reviews on various online platforms.

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