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Vivint Sky App IntroductionA home security system is connected with a central control panel and interworking devices to secure your home from burglars and intruders. There are some top-notch brands which provide the best home security systems with certain devices such as security cameras, window and door sensors, motion sensors and high-decibel sirens. All of these devices are directly connected to your smartphone, through which you can easily get minute details.

Vivint SmartHome is the one-stop destination for all your home security solutions. This highly-reputed brand provides the best home automation security systems for your home protection. Vivint.SmartHome home security systems are made with cutting-edge technology and they are ready to comfort their customers with advanced and latest features like Vivint Sky Mobile App. By downloading this application, you can monitor the details of every second of your home.

There are many advantages of home security systems. Therefore, if you’re planning to install a home security system in your home, then Vivint.SmartHome is the right choice for you! Along with amazing features, they are providing you Vivint classic home security application.



Now, we are proceeding further to understand the exciting new features of Vivint smart home security application. Below-mentioned are crucial points which describe its various features:

  1. Complete Control
    Through this application, you can keep a close eye on every detail of your home to protect it from potential burglars and intruders. The best part is that they are providing innovative doorbell camera equipment. You can easily see and talk to the visitors through your Smartphone. Apart from that, you can lock and unlock doors, windows of your home without going anywhere. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just visiting your relative’s place, protecting your home has become easier than ever with Vivint sky mobile app.
  1. Easily Accessible
    Vivint classic security app is easily accessible for multiple users of your household. You just need to create an individual user account to take advantage of this smart home app. Most importantly, you can set permissions and controls according to your needs.Vivint Sky Mobile App
  1. High definition recording
    With the Vivint sky mobile app, you can record, save and share videos. They provide the advantage of 30 days access to video coverage from Vivint security cameras. Moreover, you can filter the live footage or coverage, especially on narrow-gauged spaces. With the help of these wonderful features on your smartphone, you can manage your home security from afar places.
  2. Customized Rules
    Do you want to set your own customized rules and notification? Don’t worry! Vivint smart home security app gives you an opportunity to set your own rules, priorities, and notifications. Whether you choose automatic door lock system or notification regarding an open door, it is absolutely your choice.

Vivint Sky App Freatures


Vivint classic home security application is beneficial in several ways. As mentioned above, there are various features through which you can check the live coverage of your home, backyard, and garage. Their professional handymen will install the home security system within a specified time period. To stay connected to your home all the times, you simply need to install their customized application to enjoy the remote access of your home.Vivint Sky App For IOS & Android

For Android Users

  1. To download the Vivint home security app, go to the Google Play store.
  2. Locate the application.
  3. Now, install it and start accessing your home security system through your Android phone.
  4. Download Vivint Sky on Android Phone

For iPhone Users

  1. To download the Vivint smart home security app, go to apple app store.
  2. In the search bar, type “Vivint Sky mobile app.”
  3. Afterward, download and install it in your iPhone to access your home security system easily.
  4. Download Vivint Sky App on iPhone


To conclude, there are many brands that provide the best home security systems for your home. However, Vivint.SmartHome is the leading brand that stands out among the rest. The reason behind their success is that they offer high-quality home security systems along with astonishing features at an affordable price. To get the best customer service and home security solutions, simply dial this number +1-800-637-6126.

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